You do not have to walk away from all that money

I’ve been a CPA since 1985. Through good bookkeeping, smart tax planning and meticulous tax prep, I’ve always helped my clients pay the absolute minimum in taxes. In 2003, an opportunity opened for me to do even more: the IRS issued new regulations allowing corporations that meet certain requirements to be classified retroactively as S corporations.

That was a gold mine for tax payers who were in effect paying double taxes under their current status as C corporations. The potential for tax savings were huge. I wanted to help new clients get back all the taxes they’d inadvertently been overpaying to the IRS and the states … for years. So I started offering to review their old tax returns. My unique expertise enabled clients to submit amended returns and win hefty refunds. In fact, in the last six years, my “fresh look at old returns” has given my clients the opportunity to reclaim over $1,100,000.

In as little as 6 weeks, you could get your own hefty refund — cash you can use to grow your business or fund your retirement.

Why wait to find out how much money you could get back? Especially since amending past-year tax returns is perfectly legal … and smart. It’s also perfectly safe: In my 25 years as a licensed CPA, I have never put my reputation — or my clients’ well-being — at risk. And remember, I will charge absolutely nothing to review your returns and tell you how much tax money you could reclaim.

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